A brighter day ahead.

What if a journal could respond to you in a way that feels human?‍

Meet Clear, the world’s leading AI journalling app. The platform offers auto-generated prompts for a seamless guided journaling experience. It instantly detects mood shifts while you type, mirroring emotions back to you.

We partnered with Clear to create a human-focused identity system, inspired by emotion and nature.

The Line

Clear’s brand identity starts with The Line — a single softly weighted vertical line, representing a typing cursor and the beginning of every user’s first journal entry.

The Line provides a solid base for illustration and infographics, weaving effortlessly throughout the identity to bring clarity.

The AI Feelings Forecast.‍

The weather provided a universal metaphor for the various emotions the user might experience whilst journalling. Whilst the user is writing, Clear listens, processes and reflects back to the user what it has heard through words, colours and imagery using generative AI.

Emotions are presented through a colour palette inspired by emotions and a duotone palette inspired by nature. Clear selects a palette of colours to use and reflect back to you helpful information about your emotional wellbeing.

Scope of Work. 

Naming, Branding, Tone of Voice, Messaging, App Design