We’re Good Habit. (formerly Skep Studio).  

A branding & design studio in London serving ambitious brands both big and small across the globe. 

We work with business veterans and young startups; global companies like Ticketmaster, and our local coffee shop Melk.

Our work has received multiple branding awards and has been published in many of the world’s leading design publications including Creative Review and Design Week.


> Strategy
> Naming
> Branding
> App Design
> Web Design
> Merchandise
> Print Design


A brand is much more than a logo.  

It begins with an encounter, 
becomes an experience, 
which builds into a bond.   

Bonds last.   

We help brands make the most of every interaction. From a quick first encounter to developing relationships that last. 

Keen for your company or products brand to stick? We’d love to hear from you.