A new kind of pension company.

Penny's product is breathtaking. They have found a way to automatically find all your old misplaced pensions and then collate them into one place. An incredible offering for a generation who change their jobs on average every five years.

Meet ‘Penny 2.0’.

Back in 2021 a new fintech company Penny approached us to create a super playful identity system that would separate them from the very formal visual language common in the financial sector. You can see the award winning work we created for them here

Now, after an amazing year of growth and a hugely successful round of investment from Google, Penny came back to us to help them mature the brand with the challenge of helping them take their 10,000 users to 1 million. 

The Coin.

Our approach was to keep the ‘coin’ at the heart of the identity and create a familiar feeling visual home, not too far away from the beauty and excellence of Apple, while keeping Penny’s playful spirit.

Along with the brand ‘look and feel,’ we created layouts for their brand new app and mobile site.  

Scope of Work.

Branding, App Design, Web Design, Merchandise, Print Design