Runof50 is a brand new collection of poster prints, each limited to a print run of 50, available for just 50 days — all without the ‘limited edition’ price tag.

The clock is ticking.

The ‘limited edition’ concept is certainly not a new space, it represents the joy of owning a piece of exclusive art. Unfortunately that usually means that only a privileged few can experience that joy. Runof50 want to give everyone an opportunity to experience the the excitement of owning a truly limited edition piece of art, without the hefty price tag.

The shop is built around speed rather than a price. Each print is only open to the public for a maximum of 50 days, and when the times up or they sell out, there will never be another opportunity to purchase them.

The countdown is on.

The identity we created for them captures the rush of the ‘countdown’ at its centre, with movement and speed being paired with classic large typography.


And once they’re gone, they’re gone. No re-prints, no re-runs.