Penny finds your lost pensions.

Meet ‘Penny’. A brand new fintech company set to shake up the world of pensions.

They automatically find all your old misplaced pensions and then collate them into one place, using only information that you already know. No pension scheme numbers or long forms.

It all starts with a coin.

We created a playful identity that cut through the formal visual language common in the financial sector. Our brand for Penny balanced the tricky tension of being 'playful' and maintaining the necessary ‘sturdiness’ of the pensions industry — after all, they are dealing with your life savings!

GT Flexa, a stunning typeface from Grilli type, was used to provide plenty of personality and versatility, resulting in a forward-thinking logotype, full of character, whilst feeling established and safe.

Along with the brand ‘look and feel,’ we created layouts for their brand new app and mobile site.