The sophisticated, precise and sustainable delivery experience.

Current delivery standards in the UK are unacceptable. Damaged, lost and late parcels delivered by poorly paid drivers in polluting vehicles are, sadly, the everyday norm.

Two founders approached us with a vision for a company that did things differently. Their dream was to create an unrivalled door-to-door delivery experience that turned up exactly when expected and was packaged beautifully, all while not harming our planet... 

We gave them ‘Gently’. 

A name and brand identity that is gentle with their deliveries and simultaneously gentle on the planet.

Gently does it.

Working with their small team, we crafted their name, visual identity, tone of voice, messaging, visual language and marketing website. 


> Strategy
> Naming
> Branding
> Tone of Voice
> Key Messaging
> Iconography
> Visual Language & Art Direction
> Web Design
> Vehicle Design


Josh Hailes

Creative Director

Chris Smyth

Creative Director

Adam Jenkins